Iconic British fashion designer Jean Muir’s work is known for its classic, timeless, discreet quality and this year marks the 40th anniversary of the launch of her first collection. She died in 1995 and this year her husband donated more than 18,000 items to the National Museums Scotland, including letters, original designs, photos and clothes.

A new book celebrates her life and work and its author Sinty Stemp and friend Felicity Green will be joining Jenni to talk about Jean Muir’s enduring appeal.

This beautifully illustrated book highlights the variety and appeal of a career that covered every aspect of the fashion world, and includes many of Muir's sketches, as well as photography by Norman Parkinson, David Bailey, Eric Boman, Deborah Turbeville and Arthur Elgort.

'Jean Muir - Beyond Fashion' by Sinty Stemp, with a foreword by Felicity Green, published by Antique Collectors' Club, ISBN No: 1851495215.

2006 marks the 40th anniversary of fashion designer Jean Muir's first collection, author Sinty Stemp and friend Felicity Green join Jenni to talk about her enduring appeal.