www.jeanmuir.info photographed by Gemma Levine

This web site dedicated to Jean Muir, includes a collection of press cuttings and other information celebrating the life of one of Britain's greatest fashion designers

Trained within the industry, Jean Muir worked as sketcher, then at Jaeger and finally for Jane and Jane until she established her own label in 1966 which finally outlived her

Known for her precision cut and great attention to detail, Jean Muir clothes "stand alone." They are usually unadorned. She did not officially invent the little black dress, but she brought it to a new level, with signature colours like navy blue and black. Jean Muir perpetuated the all round use of the little black dress.

The team Miss Muir assembled continue to design and make clothes to the same standards that she laid down and achieved in her lifetime, it is impossible to avoid the word, 'Timeless', to describe the designs created by 'Jean Muir' in the 21st Century, the quality of materials and design, combined with the skills of the dressmakers involved in the manufacture of the clothes are a sign that the Jean Muir Label will be available for any woman wishing to have the best for her wardrobe.

London Fashion Week An annual event, followed by the Designers Exhibition offers the opportunity to see what is new from British designers, Jean Muir dresses continue to impress for all the best reasons.